Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 weeks to go!!! Let the countdown begin

Anticipation is building!!!

All the training is in and done. In two weeks my friend Craig and I will be running the Mohican 100 together! Craig was originally going to pace me for the last 40 miles but, instead he will be running by my side for the entire 100 miles. Our paths crossed about 5 years ago through a running forum board. We spoke via email never meeting face to face. Many times we were at the same races but, were unable to connect. Finally, in May we decided to do some training runs together and make sure this was going to work. We met at the Pinckney Rec Area. It was an instant friendship!! We chatted non-stop during the run. We were talking so much that I missed a turn on the trail. I know this trail so well I could run it with my eyes closed! After that first initial run we knew running Mohican together would be a good fit.

This Saturday we have our final long run together, a 6 hour training run. We are using this to tweak a few things and get our 100 mile pace down. It's going to feel like a crawl compared to what we are used to doing.

The days left leading up to the race will be spent getting all of my gear together and making sure I have everything. My family and staff at work will have to put up with taper madness. They have been down this road before with me so I would hope they know how to deal with it!

This is going to be an excellent adventure!!

Thanks Craig!!!


cmerun100m said...

Hopefully a friendship that lasts through many more races. It is I who has to "thank you" as well. I have no doubt we can put up with one another for 100M. For some reason things just clicked during our runs and it is nice to have the same goal. 2 weeks! Right around the corner. This will be a special experience in many ways. See ya Saturday :)!

Crazy Runner Girl said...

YES!!! This will be a VERY special experience. I do think there are many, many more races to come. It's funny how things happen! See Ya Saturday to for a crawl in the the park! I can't wait!!!
Watch out we are going to Rock MO!!! You do know what the last four letters of Mohican stand for??? I Can!! and WE will!! You're an awesome training partner!

cmerun100m said...

Gosh! The race must be getting close. I hardly got any work done today. Well, it is Friday. 15 days to MO. PS: Eat good tonight :).

Crazy Runner Girl said...

We're getting restless and antsy. But, we will have to store all this energy up for race day! I cannot wait!!!

Alison and Danny said...

Hey Dusty and Craig, I've been following your progress and cannot wait to hear how you both do at Mohican. I'll have my fingers crossed that everything goes well and that you stay healthy, hydrated and sane. Wish I could be there to cheer you on. alison

Crazy Runner Girl said...

Thanks Alison! We both are so excited to begin our adventure. I wish you could be there as well.We will both have race reports and pictures to tell the story once it is over and the finish line has been crossed. Stay tuned for more excitement!!!! We are getting rev'ed up as the days get closer!!!!