Monday, July 27, 2009

Onward and upward!!!!

Well, it's time to start looking forward to the next adventure!!I have a very busy couple of months coming up. I will be trying to balance family, work and getting my training in.

August is full of long training runs. The longest being a 7 hour trail run!! But, I also have weekends where I'm on the trails both Saturday and Sunday for 3 hours each day!!! Whew! By Sunday night I'll be stretched out on the couch resting my legs.

September is when things start getting fired up! Football season is here and we have to squeeze home games in with everything else. September 12th I have Dances with Dirt 50k in Hell. I look forward to this run and my mom will be there! She looks forward to this every year, it's the closest race that she can make it to. September 17-22 we will be camping near Oil Creek State Park in PA. I am really looking forward to this since we haven't been able to camp all summer. We are going here to check out the race course for October when I will be doing my last 50 mile race of the year. We return in time for me to pace my friend Paul running a 100 miler.

October rounds out with the Oil Creek 50 miler, I'm hoping to run strong and smash 10:30! I have been training hard for this and hoping it all pays off. Lastly, October 22 is a big day for our daughter Cara! My baby will turn 16, where has the time gone?

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crunningman said...

Dusty! Have fun at OilCreek. I have no doubt that you will accomplish your goal of cracking 10:30. With your daughter turning 16, that only means you are getting older :). -Craig