Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Racing season is almost here!

Now that the snow has melted, the birds are singing and the trails are dry my racing season will finally get underway! I look forward to the challenges!! After a solid winter of training it's time to put it to the test and see what I have.

April 18 th Forget the PR Mohican 50k

This is the second year of this race and it's a great way to start the season off. It's a hilly, challenging and a fun course that I know well. The race director of this race is an awesome guy who does a great job!! I can't wait to prove him wrong and show him that you "CAN" PR on this course!

May 8th Ice Age 50k

This is my 3rd year coming back to this race but it will be my first time only doing the 50k and not the 50 mile. My boys will be there doing the 50 miler. I'm ready to really sink my teeth in here and run strong.

June 18th San Juan Solstice 50 mile

This is my big race so far of the year!!!! It is supposed to be one of the toughest 50 milers in the U.S.!!! Just to be able to do this race I had to sign up in January and the decision was made to make this the kick off for our summer vacation! I have never run in altitude and I'm anxious to see how I handle it. The other cool thing is that my coach (Paul Dewitt) will be there and I'll finally get to meet him face to face! He's been coaching me for over a year now and I've never met him.


crunningman said...

You are going to rock Dusty! San Juan is a dream race for many, but you are making it a reality. Enjoy your time in the clouds, take in the scenery and will your legs/lungs to the finish. Good luck to ya!

ErieTom said...

You have a busy few months coming up - good luck Dusty, kick butt !!!

crunningman said...

Dusty! Nice night run. Think of it this way. Yes, the majority of what your body went through is attributed to the heat issues. When you get to SJS, the odds are you will have a great race. You've put the training in. 2 consecutive PR's at the 50K distance. Draw from those experiences. Trainging sometimes is always the most fun, but somehow we manage to get through for the big goals. Good luck!-Craig